Preston Ely – Rehabbing For Monster Payday Ebook Review

Rehabbing For Monster Payday


Rehabbing For Monster Payday Review

Real Estate Investor turned author Preston Ely has release yet another ebook about what else, Real Estate and it’s about time in my humble option. You can tell that I am a big fan-boy of Preston ever since his Mini-mentoring and Mastermind Coaching. I was a big fan of his book No BS Real Estate Investing – How I Quit My Job, Got Rich, & Found Freedom Flipping Houses on Amazon. Despite all the negative reviews I have heard from people who have never taken Preston’s coaching. I thought the book was easy to understand and broke down the concept of wholesaling in a fun and easy to understand way but maybe that’s just me.

Now he has come out with a book that breaks down the house rehabbing process in the same manner as his No BS book called

Rehabbing For Monster Payday

My friend Preston released a special book that goes behind the scenes of all these house-flipping reality shows and exposes exactly how they go about finding, fixing, and flipping these super nice houses for HUGE profits. It’s a simple 17 step process, and, fortunately, there’s nothing to “flip out” about. You can read it now and get started this weekend …

Here is what you will get.

  • The 17 Step Systematized Renovation Process. Guaranteed To Make Rehabbing Houses Fast, Fun, & Easy.
  • The Little-Known Differences Between 2 Major Renovation Strategies. Which One Leads To MON$TER Paydays & Which Will Take You To An Early Grave
  • How To Complete Your Walk-Up, Walk-Around, And Walk-Through In Less than 15 Minutes. And What Those Things Actually Are.
  • 5 Money-Making (And Money-Saving) Tips, Tricks, & Techniques To Invest Less & Profit More
    – The $50,000 Flip Checklist. Do These On Every Single Deal Or You Can Kiss Your MON$TER goodbye.
  • Budgets, Blueprints, & Best Practices. The Nuts & Bolts Of Systematized Rehabbing Dummed So Far Down That Your Finger Monkey Can Be Your Project Manager *Finger Monkey Not Included
  • How To Throw A Dart And Estimate Your Rehab Budget With 97.3% Statistical Accuracy (even if you’ve never done a deal)
  • And Most Importantly … How To Do All Of This With Someone Else’s Money.