Before You Buy The REO Rockstar Read This REO Rockstar Review!

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  • Tons of Content
  • Content was easy to understand
  • Price was exceptionally reasonable
  • Material was presented in a manner that engaged the listener.
  • Realistic expectations of success were presented. Very non hype content.


  • Fourms aren't active anymore.
  • No longer able to get e-mail guru support for this course.

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My REO Rockstar Review


After a quick review of the REO Rockstar program, True Guru Review believes that this program is the tool to use for Learning how to wholesale REO properties. This should only be used by people who want to make money be learning and taking advantage of this shift in real estate investing. Everyone else can just try to flip houses from the MLS. Let me know how that works for ya.

Click here to see the video

Anyone looking to begin investing in real estate should take a serious look into this, some other investors are either quitting real estate or not seeing much action in this market and this is why…

They can’t find good solid deals anymore!

The thing is, the real estate world is changing. Gone are the days of the Mom and Pop investor cleaning up in the real estate market by following the old rules. Enter the large mutual funds.

Since the fall of the housing market and the terrible REO crisis, the business of real estate rightfully needed to evolve to prevent this from ever happening again. The mutual funds saw this and took advantage of it.

It’s time people realize the truth about the current real estate market and through this REO Rockstar program they can. It’s safe to say that anyone currently investing needs the information that Preston Ely and his trusted team of 32 advisers provide.

Here is what the course offers….

He said that part of the lessons in the REO Rockstar download include how to wholesale deals without:

  • Money
  • Credit
  • Risk
  • Any experience
  • Any manual labor

On concerns about the legitimacy of the services, Preston Ely remarked what his company offers is very legitimate.

“This product is 100% legitimate and Lee & I are seasoned pros. Inside the REO Rockstar program people will get a very detailed education on wholesaling properties from start to finish.” -Preston Ely

For trainees and interested investors, REO Rockstar training could be purchased through the link below

Preston Ely mentioned that prospective investors could access the program and take advantage of his company’s generous offers in today’s market. He also explained that prospective students and investors wanting a complete review of the program.

“A limited number of program licenses are available so that team can provide those who invest in the program the best level of service.”

Preston Ely urged patrons that the best channel of getting a guaranteed and up-to-date edition of REO Rock star training program is from this link here.


When you get the REO Rockstar this is what you will receive…


Module 1: (audio at 11 minutes)
Foreclosure Finder Secrets

Module 2: (audio: 85 minutes + PDF Report)
Researching Potential Investments

Module 3: (audio: 39 minutes + PDF Report)

Module 4: (audio: 26 minutes + PDF Report)
Financial Analysis

Module 5: (audio: 66 minutes + PDF Report)
Negotiating & Making Offers

Module 6: (audio: 98 minutes + PDF Report)
Perfect Buys & Wholesaling

Module 7: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)
Rehabbing and Appraisals

Module 8: (audio: 76 minutes + PDF Report)

Module 9: (audio: 86 minutes + PDF Report)
Refinance and Cash-Out

Module 10: (audio: 65 minutes + PDF Report)
The Best Exit Strategies

For anyone who is interested in this updated version of the REO Rockstar training. The course can be purchased through this official link.